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For child war victims . The slogan already says a lot, but it doesn't tell the whole story. Since 1994, the Fondazione Luchetta, Ota, D'Angelo, Hrovatin Onlus has been helping children living in war zones and their families, helping mothers and fathers that have a child suffering from serious types of tumours, or children that need a surgical operation that would be impossible in their country of origin. These are children and babies that are often defined as suffering from terminal illnesses; yet here they regain the joy of living.

The Foundation gives the maximum amount of support possible to these families under strain: it pays for their medical and travel expenses and provides accommodation for the duration of the child's treatment in their specially dedicated guest houses (on average from 2 to 12 months). The two guest houses are always crowded and their residents live together in an atmosphere of harmony and religious and ethnic mutual respect. They are managed by a team of extraordinary volunteers who are always ready to give a smile to their guests, young and old.

The Foundation also gives its help when needed abroad. It provides support for children's hospitals and orphanages in various zones of the world that continue to suffer miseries and war. It sends vaccines and nappies, medicines, updated medical texts, dialysis equipment and furnishings for clinics. It does all of this valuable work without permanent public funding of any kind.

In the first seventeen years of the Foundation's life, we have hosted and helped to cure more than 750 children and their families.

With your help we can help many more.


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c/o Associazione della Stampa F.V.G
Corso Italia, 13 - 34122 Trieste

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via Roma, 28 - CP 499
34142 Trieste
tel.+39 040 3480098
fax +39 040 3480098

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